Hotel Zlatorog is an abandoned hotel in the most touristic part of Slovenia. Las Vegas . One of them is Podcetrtek. Slovenia was the first country during my Balkan travels that I’ve visited back in 2002 (although I know it’s not so much Balkans anymore, more like Central Europe).Since then it always had a special place in my heart. or ecological disaster? 2016-2020. Predjama Castle is an easy day trip from Ljubljana. Most of the people plan to spend their holidays in this country as there are a lot of nice places to visit in Slovenia. Lost Places Forum - Urbex. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Needless to say, it is not really a secret among locals but don't expect it to be a tourist trap or to see more than 5 people hanging out there. Slovenia. Slovenia’s pristine nature is full of mountains, rivers, and caves for visitors to discover. Colonia Iulia Aemona, a name which has been shortened over time to Emona. Dili, Timor Leste – stunning beaches, bloody massacres; worth visiting? 17 Unique and Adventurous Places to Visit in Slovenia 1. It was built in 1951 and abandoned almost 60 years later. Postojna. Grade in der Hauptstadt Ljubljana befinden sich einige interessante Gebäude des Architekten Jože Plečnik. All of these things can be found in Slovenia. Bergische Landschaft, viele außergewöhnliche Höhlensysteme und atemberaubende Natur. Marina Beach (JBR Beach), UAE – sun beds, camels + metro access. Slovenia is home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites and European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN). Idrija. Slovenia is a scenic country with a fantastic location in the heart of Europe. Moravske Toplice. We also use content and scripts from third parties that may use tracking technologies. Radenci Spa Resort, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Sava Hotels & Resorts. Piran. 44. Places to visit . Everybody is visiting Ljubljana, Predjama Castle, Lake Bled or Piran. Kobarid. Slovenia. Tikal, Guatemala Gautemala’s crown jewel is Tikal, perhaps the greatest of all the Maya city-states.Its magnificent six temples still dominate the landscape much as they did a thousand years ago, soaring above the rainforest canopy and making one wonder at the ceremonies that once took place here, and the size of the city now swallowed up by the jungle. But where to begin? I use to find the best rates for flight. I guess there are many secret spots in Slovenia that are worth visiting but this one is my favourite. Climbing Kilimanjaro – Lemosho Route – day-by-day guide, ISOLP’s Top 10 Rock-cut Architecture Creations. For complete information about the cookies we use, data we collect and how we process them, please check our. Škofja Loka. Piran surprised me the most about Slovenia because, for me, I just didn’t picture the coast when I pictured Slovenia… The 10 Best Places to Visit in Slovenia 1. Threads 0 As an American living many years in Slovenia, I’m frequently asked what to see that might be off the beaten path. When visiting Slovenia, travelers are impressed by its vibrant history, beautiful nature, and rich culture.Many of the country’s castles and museums make visitors feel like they are traveling back in time. Featured. Slovenia is a small but topographically diverse country made up of portions of four major European geographic landscapes—the European Alps , the karstic Dinaric Alps , the Pannonian and Danubian lowlands and hills, and the Mediterranean coast. In the capital, Ljubljana are interesting buildings by the architect Jože Plečnik. In 1278 the castle, along with the rest of Carniola – as the lands of Slovenia were known at the time – became the property of the House of Habsburg of … Slovenia’s stunning tourist attractions such as Bled, Postojna Cave, and Ljubljana are known among travelers from all over the world.Despite the small size of the country, there are many more beautiful places to discover in Slovenia if you are willing to step off the beaten path. All das findet man in Slowenien. It borders Austria, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, and offers many Opportunites that are waiting to be discovered. Hotels. In the past years, Slovenia made it to the top of the bucket lists of many travelers and internet is bursting with advice on where to go in Slovenia and what to do in Slovenia. All das findet man in Slowenien.Das Land, welches an Österreich, Italien, Kroatien und Ungarn grenzt, bietet viele Möglichkeiten entdeckt zu werden. There are some traces of 20th-century architecture that also attract people from all … The Most Beautiful Places in Slovenia: Predjama Castle . Moravske Toplice thermal spa resort is located near the town of Murska Sobota in the northernmost part of Slovenia. The castle is built directly into a rock face. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The hotel is situated in a scattered settlement at the west end of Lake Bohinj. Orte die keinem Land (also dem Exil) zugeordnet sind, hab ich aus Datenschutzgründen keinem speziellen Land zugeordnet. A system of caves runs behind the castle, which helped one of the castle’s most famous residents withstand a siege for over a year. Ljubljana. Top Slovenia Beautiful Places. yes! 8. Former Yugoslavia. New York City . A country in Central Europe, Slovenia is known for its mountains, lakes, picturesque beauty, etc. All Rights Reserved, We use cookies to enhance your experience while using our website. Über Slowenien / About Slovenia. Lost Places in Slovenia. Even though Slovenia is really small, and easy to drive around in just one day, there are still some places in a country that are off the beaten path. Ljubljana Castle, which looms over the city from atop Castle Hill, dates back to at least the 12th Century CE – the first written record of the castle comes from the 1151 chronicle Nomina defunctorum (meaning: The names of the dead). Located further outside the capital of Ljubljana, you may want to rent a car or go with a tour company in order to get to the caves. Instead, it is quietly but steadily becoming an up-and-coming corner of the world to visit, and … If interested please contact @ThePotatoHunter. Nearby Places . Its great cities of art, like Ljubljana, Maribor, Koper, and Piran are famous and have been attracting visitors for centuries. To get in and out of Slovenia, look at not just Ljubljana airport but also Trieste, Italy. The Škocjan Caves are one of the lesser known beautiful places in Slovenia. Slovenia is one of the hottest destinations in Europe. THE ABANDONED HOTEL IN SLOVENIA. © Ljulbjlana is Slovenia’s capital and its largest city. Lake Urmia, Iran – spectacular salt lake? Šmartno is still a secret, but is easily one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia that you can visit. Savica waterfall, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by Ekke. If you are using our Services via a browser you can restrict, block or remove cookies through your web browser settings. Ljubljana, Slovenia – like dragons? Lost Places in Slovenia. Michigan’s natural beauty is not lost in the city of Lansing, with several tourists frequenting the Sleepy Hollow State Park and the famous Potter Park Zoo. We have reviews of the best places to see in Slovenia. Lost items For items forgotten on arriving flights or in the international part of the passenger terminal (after the security control), please contact [email protected] or +386 (0)4 206 12 26. Currently we are still looking for an admin for this category. Underground. That’s when I first saw how diverse and interesting it is, kind of like the mix of the Balkan soul with the Austrian neatness. You can get to it through a pavement and rocky stairs. Das Land, welches an Österreich, Italien, Kroatien und Ungarn grenzt, bietet viele Möglichkeiten entdeckt zu werden. On this trip, I worked with the Slovenia tourism board and part of our arrangement was that I … Český Krumlov – 2nd largest castle in Czechia – is, Ateshgah, Azerbaijan – The Fire Temple of Baku. Abandoned urbex loactions in Slovenia, officially the Republic of Slovenia or Republika Slovenija. 15 Best Places to Visit in Slovenia Slovenia, perhaps rather unfairly, may not be everyone’s first pick when jetting off to an exciting new holiday destination. Home » Europe » Slovenia » Most Unique Places to Stay in Slovenia I bopped around in Slovenia and stayed at a different hotel every night as I made my way around the country. Besides its art treasures, Slovenia also features beautiful coasts, alpine lakes and mountains. You can selectively provide your consent below to allow such third party embeds. In its heyday it was a busy hotel during the winter. Grade in der Hauptstadt Ljubljana befinden sich einige interessante Gebäude des Architekten Jože Plečnik. Places to visit . Find what to do today, this weekend or in January. Search. Mountainous landscapes, extraordinary cave systems, and breathtaking nature. Industrial properties. Hier findet ihr alle von mir persönlich besuchten Lost Places nach Länder und darauffolgend nach Kategorie sortiert. This is another of the top tourist spots in Slovenia. The combination of turquoise water, trees, plants, a sandy beach and the view of the mountains is what makes the spot so special! try Dragon Bridge! Chicago . Even though we have visited neighboring countries such as Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary, we just happened to forget about Slovenia.After we got invited to the Big Berry camp, we decided to spend more time in this country and discover hidden gems of it. Lake Bohinj, Most beautiful places in Slovenia by neiljs. Vom herrschaftlichen Schloss bis zur kulturell wertvollen Industrieruine ist in Slowenien alles zu finden. 9 Feb, 2018 in Slovenia tagged Castle HIll / Dragon Bridge / Emona / Ljubljana / Ljubljana Castle / Slovenia / Triple Bridge by Benjamin White Benjamin White He has spent 6 of the last 12 years backpacking, travelling, working and living abroad, primarily in developing and underdeveloped countries. This tiny fortified hilltop town overlooking the Italian border, in the Gorica wine region, is full of beautiful alleyways to wander down, cozy cafes to get 1 euro wine at, and atmospheric doors. Places to Visit in Slovenia, Europe: See Tripadvisor's 4,46,407 traveller reviews and photos of Slovenia tourist attractions. From stately chateaus to culturally valuable industrial ruins, everything can be found in Slovenia. It takes about 20 minutes and during the tour you can enjoy great views of the lake. Threads 0 Posts 0. Slovenia. like bridges? 1. . Where to go, best places to stay, travel tips and and best holiday destinations - inspiration from the experts at Lonely Planet. Slovenia was our biggest travel discovery of 2016. Slovenia, country in central Europe that was part of Yugoslavia for most of the 20th century. Most guides to Slovenia mention major Slovenian tourist attractions, such as Lake Bled, Ljubljana, Piran and Postojna caves. Bergische Landschaft, viele außergewöhnliche Höhlensysteme und atemberaubende Natur. There are the obvious places (the capital, Ljubljana, and the postcard idyllic Lake Bled), but peeling back the veil, we can find still-hidden facets. Places to visit . Search Lonely Planet. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Red Frog Beach, Bocas del Toro, Panama – are there really red frogs? The nation is surrounded by the Eastern Alps, the Adriatic Sea, the Balkans, Italy, Croatia and Hungary, making it accessible from a range of European locations.